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The Full Story

Covenant Creek

Covenant Creek started in 2014 when I left a full-time career to be home with my growing family. Being a lifelong learner, one day I stumbled across an e-book detailing a soap maker's life journey through the art and business. I consumed the book in one morning and that day, passionately ordered the basic supplies. Intrigued and curious, I began experimenting with my own recipes that were shared with family and friends. After much research and refinement, I was proud that I had a new, shareable art that was functional (important with three young boys!) and used ingredients that embodied my earth-loving core values: natural, cruelty-free, fair trade and sustainably-sourced. At the time, my inspiration for nature came daily as all I had to do was look out my windows at our sprawling, wooded yard framed by a large, trickling creek. One day, a sort of spiritual moment came in prayer, and of it was born an actual business.

An amazing story comes from that creek (if you meet me, you can ask about it). While my family and I have since moved to a neighboring city, I continue to share with our community my artistic labor of love known as Covenant Creek.


To provide the best quality, most environmentally and socially responsible natural soap products at the best possible price.


To be a valuable community partner that is considered a dependable and knowledgeable source of homeopathy and provides the best handcrafted natural skin and herbal products in the Texas Gulf Coast region.

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