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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is natural soap?

A: Natural soap is made of plant-based oils and butters. All-natural soap means that all its ingredients are derived from nature and can also include natural colorants and essential oils. Many of the ingredients used by Covenant Creek are organic, cold-pressed and unrefined, meaning they retain more of their nutrient components without added chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. What our soap doesn't contain is non-natural additives, or synthetic colorants or fragrances.

Q: How long does natural soap last?

A: In a well drained dish, can last a very long time! In fact, you can use natural soap until it becomes a thin, almost translucent sliver.  And even those still lather up! Since most contain essential oils, keeping them out of direct sun will help the scent last longer. There is no expiration on natural soaps.

Q: How do I care for my natural soap?

A: Natural soap can soften if it lays flat in water over time. To preserve your soap, keep it in a draining soap dish or you can stand it on it's side. 


Q: Do you use exfoliants in your soaps?


A: A few of our soaps do have natural exfoliants such as organic ground oats, organic coffee, crushed juniper berries, lavender petals, calendula tea and crushed walnut hulls.


Q: How do you make your soaps?


A: We use what is called "hot process." Instead of creating swirling, intricate, decorated soaps that take a month to cure, we heat the soap so that it can be used the next day if we want to. The result is a more rustic, earth-colored soap, which embodies the unsophisticated nature of Covenant Creek.

Q: Which soaps are best for the face?

A: Soaps with clay or activated charcoal are generally known for pulling toxins from pores. The alumina in clay penetrates deep into the pores and can absorb the dirt, sebum deposits and toxic substances. In general, clays are best for normal to oily skin types because they absorb moisture. Besides activated charcoal, some of the clays Covenant Creek uses is French green clay (used in facial masks), bentonite clay (providing a nice 'slip' in our shave soap and a great choice for very oily skin) and purple Brazilian clay, suitable for a variety of skin types. 


Q: Does Covenant Creek have any affiliations?


A: Covenant Creek is a Greener Life Club member. This means we buy from Essential Depot when possible and we are dedicated to producing products and services the promote a greener life (see Greener Life white paper). We are proud to source materials that seek to reduce carbon footprint, are animal friendly, are bio-friendly, and are fair trade. We are also members of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild (HSCG).










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